Microblink, Don't Miss It: Friday Dealbook


By: Liminal Team

This week’s deals reflect growing investment trends for tackling different aspects of the onboarding process to create a digital identity - whether focused on identity verification and proofing, or on document verification and authorization. Microblink highlights the week, securing $60 million of development capital for its broad toolbox of IDV and OCR tech. Also featured are Vouched’s $3 million of funding for expanding its proofing and AI-driven fraud detection platform in Europe, and FacePhi’s $40.1 million in funding to consolidate its position as a face recognition software platform within the broader biometrics space.

Top Deals

Developer of an identity verification software intended to facilitate real-time fraud detection. The company's software utilizes artificial intelligence to identify, tabulate and diagnose in-stock and out-of-stock items, conducts identity and documentation proofing and verification as well as assists in facial recognition while validating drivers licenses, enabling companies to ensure user engagement and increase conversion, without compromising security or compliance.


The company raised $3 million of venture funding in a deal led by Flying Fish Partners on December 10, 2020. Bankers Healthcare Group also participated in the round. The funds will be used to further accelerate growth of the company's identity proofing platform across the banking, fintech and healthcare verticals and to move into the European market.


Facephi Biometria SA is engaged in developing and marketing face recognition software and mobile biometrics technology. The company's software is used in online banking, mobile banking, social networks, ATM's, single sign-on and automotive sector. Its product offerings include SDK, Selphi, Me and PhiVox.


FacePhi has raised up to €33 million (US$40.1 million) in funding to back its organic and inorganic growth plans and consolidate its position in the biometrics industry over the next two years, through a pair of different investments. Swiss firm Nice & Green, which specializes in medium and small listed companies, is contributing €20 million ($24.3 million) through Equity Warrants to be issued over two years. A syndicated loan has also been arranged with Banco Santander as Sole Bookrunner Entity and financing from Caixabank, Banco de Sabadell and Deutsche Bank.


Developer of smartphone camera application to pay bills. The company offers a platform that uses proprietary algorithms to extract payment data from both paper and electronic documents. Embedded within a bank's mobile application, the platform enables paper bills to be scanned and paid with one tap, using a smartphone camera. E-mails, PDFs or other electronic documents with payment data also can be processed automatically by sending them to the bank's servers.


The company received $60 million of development capital from Silversmith Capital Partners on December 16, 2020. The partnership with Silversmith will enable accelerated growth in key business areas including product development, go-to-market and team expansion.

Investor Highlights
Keppler Africa Ventures

Founded in December 2018, Kepple Africa Ventures is tech-focused but sector agnostic, and primarily focused on East and West Africa. Kepple is additionally primarily focused on seed-stage opportunities, investing between US$50,000 and US$150,000 in early-stage tech startups on the continent.


Active Portfolio - 13

Investments (TTM) - 10

Med. Round Amount - $0.99M

Med. Valuation - $11.93M

# of Exits - 0






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