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By: Liminal Team

This week’s deals reflect sustained investor appetite to bring big data to common business processes and digitize them. Databricks’ $1 billion of Series G funding highlights the week, embodying the vendor focus on breaking down data silos, particularly as it’s increasingly being used as the basis for advanced provisioning and identity management. Box’s $55 million acquisition of SignRequest and Leadspace’s $46 million growth round speak to two other growing business needs — around the respective increase in esignature demand and marketing data analysis across 2020 and into 2021. In other news, Mitek Systems builds upon its record Q1 by announcing its plan to offer $125 million of convertible senior notes in a private offering. 

Top Deals

Operator of a platform which offers electronic signatures intended for paperless transactions. The company's technology offers signing, attachments and digital document signing.


Box announced Wednesday that it's acquiring SignRequest, an electronic signature company based in the Netherlands. The $55 million deal is part of the company's push into the e-signature market and will serve as the foundation of Box Sign, its forthcoming e-signature service that will be built on SignRequest's technology and integrated natively into Box.


Developer of an audience management platform designed to empower sales and marketing. The company's platform uses artificial intelligence to provide a single source of truth across all sales and marketing data, identify net new accounts and individuals and recommend the best marketing activities, enabling companies to engage customers and drive growth by allowing marketers to find and know their audiences.


The company closed a $46 million growth round from Jerusalem Venture Partners on February 3rd, 2021. The deal will enable the company to expand its headcount and to address strong demand in the currently serviced use cases.


Developer of a unified data analytics platform designed to make big analytics data simple. The company's platform offers data integration simplification, real-time exploration, interactive notebooks, integrated workflows, full enterprise security and deployment of production applications by unifying data science, engineering and business, enabling data science teams to work with improved usability, performance and security in an optimized runtime.


The company raised $1 billion of Series G venture funding in a deal led by Franklin Templeton Investments on February 1, 2021, putting the company's pre-money valuation at $27 billion. The funds will be used to accelerate the company's innovation and allow it to scale and support the rapid adoption of the lakehouse, which is quickly becoming the data architecture of choice for data-driven organizations around the world

Investor Highlights
Jerusalem Venture Partners

Founded in 1993, Jerusalem Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Jerusalem, Israel. The firm focuses to invest in companies operating in the food-tech, cybersecurity, big data and predictive analytics, media and technologies, cloud, and enterprise software sectors.


Active Portfolio - 52

Investments (TTM) - 16

Med. Round Amount - $10.50M

Med. Valuation - $26.45M

# of Exits - 92




Source Defense


Public Highlights
Mitek Systems

Highlight: Mitek Systems builds upon its record Q1 by announcing its plan to offer $125 million of convertible senior notes in a private offering

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