Our Top 20 Most Popular Shows from the State of Identity Podcast Series


By: Cameron D'Ambrosi

State of Identity Podcast Top 20

As we gear up to release our 325th episode of the State of Identity podcast this month, we wanted to reflect on the journey so far. With hundreds of guests and countless hours of engaging content, we're grateful for the opportunity to delve deep into the digital landscape with our listeners. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most popular episodes (not in rank order), as determined by our fans. From lively debates to insightful discussions, each episode is a testament to our shared passion for exploring the complexities of digital identity.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we revisit some of our most beloved episodes:


A New Era of Financial Innovation

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Explore the concept of Open Finance and its impact on financial innovation. Our guests from MX discuss how Open Finance fits into the Open Banking movement and how financial institutions can leverage it to drive innovation and stay competitive in fintech. 


What's Looming in Passwordless

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Explore the move towards a passwordless future, discussing alternative access points for identity verification and authentication. Hear from the Co-founder and CEO at Stych cover what businesses must consider when shifting to a more frictionless and secure authentication model.


Build to Verify

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A lively discussion on the growing digital identity space, breaking free from traditional risk and compliance pigeonholes. Hear from General Manager at OCR Labs on what differentiates itself in the crowded IDV and Doc space.


Connecting Trust, Identity, & Technology

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Explore the intersection of trust and identity. Joined by the CTO and Head of Product at Mitek, we discuss their acquisition of HooYu and its implications for the identity market, businesses, and consumers.


Deep Learning Framework

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Explore the evolving cyber threat landscape with the Director of Cybersecurity at Deep Instinct, delving into the impact of state-sponsored cyber attacks on common cyber-criminals and discussing why current defenses are falling short.


Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework

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Explore the bridge between payments and identity wallets with the Head of Digital Identity at HooYu. We discuss the UK's push towards shared identity standards, the foundation of decentralized identity verification across Web3 applications, and the balance of trust between technology, government, and personal data protection.


Location Identity, Spoofing, Behavioral Biometrics, and Fraud Prevention and Security

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Hear from the Co-Founder and CEO and Chief Revenue Officer at Incognia as they discuss the superiority of location behavioral biometrics, its value, and why major tech companies like Apple and Google support its implementation for fraud prevention and security purposes.


ID Verification Threats On the Horizon

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Explore the growing demand for identity verification beyond financial services with the CEO at Cognito. We discuss the impact of synthetic identity fraud across industries and the importance of balancing user experience with security when building onboarding processes.


Identity Wallets & eIDAS 2.0

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Explore the impact of eIDAS 2.0 on digital identity globally. This discussion with the Founder & CTO at Digidentity focuses on the role of public and private institutions in the rollout of eIDAS 2.0 wallets, data security in online identity verification, and the EU’s vision for digital identity.


Revolutionizing Digital Identity for the Modern Times

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Join the SVP of Digital Identity at Mastercard as we discuss the role of public and private institutions in the rollout of eIDAS 2.0 wallets, the impact of the new regulation on digital identity globally, and how to keep data secure when verifying identities online.


Identity's Role In Emerging Technology

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An insightful discussion with an Investor at Playground Global, examining the shift to identity as a replacement for the cybersecurity perimeter, identity in a zero-trust paradigm, and the impact of these trends on the identity landscape.


Replacing Legacy Identity Authentication Methods

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Hear from the Co-founder and CEO at Prove on the shift from risk-based authentication to cryptographic authentication at tier-one banks and enterprises. Explore the decision-making process and key value drivers for this transition.


Clearing the Clouds on Identity Management

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Learn about the growth of SaaS apps and the evolution of the identity landscape. The EVP of Product at Sailpont explores why CISOs must implement new security approaches for optimal user experiences.


Synthetic ID vs Thin-File

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What is synthetic identity fraud, who are the criminals deploying this technique, and what can be done to stop them? Hear our discussion with the Vice President of Enterprise from Ekata on synthetic identity and its levels of sophistication. Learn whether the problem can be solved and explore the possible solutions. 


The Power of Identity

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A deep-dive discussion with the Co-founder and CEO of Youverify on how organizations are developing technology to prevent fraud and automate KYC and compliance and the challenges involved in closing the gaps between business and consumer identities.


The Privacy-Enhancing Technologies We Need Today

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Examine different identity solutions and their role in data protection with the CEO of ID5. Discover how identity solutions can support and enforce data protection measures rather than undermine them, challenging the prevailing narrative around digital identity and data privacy.


Verified Digital Identity

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Learn about the digitization of verified identity and its potential for creating an ecosystem of truth and trust. Explore what it means to bring liquidity to verified identity through full access, transparency, and utility for individuals, with our quest Co-founder and CEO of Merit.


Your API Gateway

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Delve into API security with our guest, Co-founder and CEO of Salt Security, as we explore the differences between authentication and authorization, especially in the context of APIs. This discussion sheds light on API attacks and the limits of identity-based controls for API security.


Zero Trust & Decentralized Identity Technologies

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An action-packed discussion with the CEO of IdRamp about zero-trust frameworks, identity orchestration, and interoperability. Explore low-code/no-code orchestration services, the considerations for making complex identity decisions, and the US government's efforts to protect against cyber threats after issuing Executive Order 14028.


Web3 ID

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How can developers build convenient and privacy-preserving authentication solutions into their products? The CEO of Dock discusses Web3 ID, a blockchain-based authentication and authorization system that prioritizes user privacy, allowing developers to create secure authentication solutions.

With 325 episodes on our playlist, countless hours of engaging content with unique guests reflect the shared passion for exploring the digital identity landscape. Fill your queue with our upcoming releases with new guests and fresh outlooks by bookmarking our State of Identity podcast page or subscribing to our channel on Spotify and Apple. And if you’re interested in being a guest on the show, contact Cameron D'Ambrosi or Stacy Schulman via email at [email protected].

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