No step in the digital identity lifecycle is more critical to the future of your business than authentication. Enabling a competitive customer experience, administering a remote workforce, meeting data privacy requirements, and mitigating cybersecurity risks remain core authentication challenges. We believe in a dynamic approach to authentication, applying the right technologies to meet the unique demands of each application and to enable secure experiences.

Mobile Identity

Packing an average of 14 different sensors, and in a state of near-constant connectivity, the modern smartphone is an ideal tool for enabling convenient and highly secure user experiences. Unleash the full power of mobile identity to help solve the most pressing organizational challenges, without compromise. We source solutions from leading providers across the globe to ensure you remain competitive, whether implementing mobile identity for the first time, or enhancing your existing platform.


Continued adoption of biometric authentication factors represents a crucial step forward in achieving the long-predicted “death of the password.” When properly implemented, biometrics can delight your users, slash password reset costs, and mitigate account takeover risk. The key to a successful implementation is the careful selection of technologies and modalities customized to the application, not a turnkey, one-size-fits-all approach.


The current digital identity federation landscape is a fragmented mix of competing technology platforms, identity providers, and open-source standards. Understanding this landscape is critical, as digital transformation and decentralization reshape the global economic landscape. Partner with the global leader in digital identity, so that you can remain focused on your core competencies.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Friction is the mortal enemy of a quality user experience. User and Entity Behavior Analytics captures and analyzes hundreds of passively-collected data signals from a user’s device and actions to identity account takeover and cybersecurity threats in near-real time. Capitalize on the ability to thwart malicious actors with instant authentication challenges, while trusted users remain unaffected.

Partner with the global leader in digital identity,
so that you can remain focused on your core competencies.

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