Case Study: Government Strategy


The Challenge

  In regulated industries, standards and policies add additional complexity and anyone offering services must understand and meet those requirements. A global professional services firm engaged to assist in the development and expansion of a business line providing cybersecurity services to regulated clients.

The Action

  • Voice of the customer briefings and materials
  • Close to real-time analysis of policy and regulations
  • Strategy sessions to target specific opportunities and best leverage available resources

The engagement included providing the voice of the customer, market intelligence on competition, and updates on how new and potential policy changes will impact the services they provide.

The Outcome

Our Client received multiple assessments and briefings around the changing needs of their customer, the compliance and policy landscape, and how to position their services going forward. In addition, the team worked with the client on targeting and strategy for specific potential clients as well as what not to  pursue.  

As a result of our 6-month engagement, the Client increased federal sales by 22%, and is working with a targeted customer on multiple smaller projects and is in line to compete for multiple large projects across a number of target customers.

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