Liminal case study

Healthcare Marketplace Launches Platform Integrity Product



How do multi-sided marketplaces embed privacy-by-design principles and platform integrity feature sets to foster trust and safety amongst their users?


A two-sided healthcare marketplace that had garnered initial traction with millions of unique visitors explored ways to enhance its existing UX and acquire a broader audience of repeat customers. One challenge the platform faced was preventing disintermediation and creating a trusted user experience that promoted user retention. Liminal was engaged in evaluating the current-state product and prioritizing features to create a differentiated customer experience. As part of preliminary discovery in collaboration with the Executive Team, Liminal proposed focusing on credentials verification, data privacy, and reputational scores to curate trusted relationships both on and off the platform.

The Action

Successful fraud attempts result in customer safety threats, diminished brand recognition, and legal and financial consequences. By incorporating foundational criteria for building trust and safety amongst its customers, Liminal rounded out its engagement by providing a comprehensive Product Requirements Document with technological features, interactions, and visual design to create an optimized UX.

Our team worked in close collaboration with the platform’s Executive Team in two-week design sprints to accelerate product requirements and a go-to-market strategy. Liminal leveraged its proprietary go-to-market strategy framework to focus on the first several phases of product development, including:

  • Market Analysis and Competitive Benchmarking
  • Audience Segmentation, Personas Development, and User Journey Mapping
  • Evaluation of Current-State Platform Performance and Technological Capabilities
  • Workflow & Process Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Pricing Strategy & Demand Forecasting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Gap Analysis of Current & Future State Marketing Positioning

The Outcome

Our team curated a set of product solutions to address marketplace transparency by rooting our product recommendations in identity frameworks that foster trust, safety, and platform integrity. In multi-sided marketplaces, where fraudulent activity is on the rise, trust and safety are equivalent to retaining both consumers and service providers.

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