Shape the Future of Digital Identity

Every day, billions of interactions track the identity of people, entities, and things. Digital identity is the hidden fabric enabling the seamless exchange of trusted information at the scale and speed required by global enterprises. As the linchpin to digital transformation, digital identity is a must-have for building consumer trust and for doing business now and in the future.
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Working at Liminal

Every major company in the world has started focusing on the next generation of digital identity technologies as a necessity for continued growth and security. Our team works with a myriad of organizations, from Fortune 100s to startups, across industries including financial services, technology, telecommunications, and the P2P economy. We know that it’s in the sharing of discovery and insights that groundwork is laid, problems are solved, and entire sectors advance at the speed of light. At Liminal, we don’t just respond to the market; we define it.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or new graduate, working at Liminal will be a rewarding next step in your career.

our core values


All problems have solutions


Transparency leads to trust; trust to efficiency


Solutions are better simple vs. complex


Always lead by example

“Working at Liminal gives you unparalleled experiences. From day one you have opportunities to work across a wide range of strategic initiatives, advise C-suite clients, and learn about the future of digital identity from the experts who are building it. It's a steep learning curve but there's nothing else like it!”

Nik Walser

Head of Advisory

Make a Big Impact

Play a prominent role at our company. Unlike larger firms, we tailor our approach to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are helping a CEO plan their next strategic move, an investor deploying millions (or billions) of dollars, or internally to solve our own unique challenges, you will work directly with a highly engaged group of hardworking, motivated, and intelligent colleagues.

Why Liminal

Make an immediate impact in a fast-paced environment
Work in a collegial atmosphere with entrepreneurial spirit
Receive direct 1-1 mentorship from the company’s leadership team
Gain exposure with C-suite executives and investors
Earn new responsibilities and career progression based off of merit
Collaborate cross-functionally and acquire unique business exposure
Develop in-depth industry expertise
Have fun where you work! Enjoy regularly scheduled events and hang out with the team!


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Your Career

Launch your career by becoming an integral part of a dynamic team to solve complex business problems. You will work with our clients to solve complex business problems, analyze data to discover market trends, and design digital identity products and services from the ground up.

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Your Career

Understand our client’s strategic needs and produce insights to solve our customer’s complex business problems. As an experienced professional, you will leverage your industry and functional expertise to work with a myriad of organizations to make crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and business lifecycle.

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for your interview

Know what we do and our business model
You can glean a lot from the content we produce, our website, and our competitor’s websites. We want to know what inspires you to join our mission
Share your experiences
Behavioral questions are intended to get to the heart of who are and the experiences that make you unique. They usually start with “tell me a time when…” and may lead to more hypothetical questions that start with “what would you do if…” Share your experiences and how you think it can contribute to a role at Liminal.
Be data-driven
“How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?” In an estimation question, proof your work and demonstrate how you arrived at your answer. Explain assumptions that you make along the way and the numbers you’ve used to derive an estimate.
Explain your thought-process
We want to understand how you think, so explain your thought process and decision-making throughout the interview. We’re not only evaluating your technical ability – we’re also assessing how you approach problems and try to solve them. Explicitly state and check assumptions with your interviewer to ensure they are reasonable.
Complete a case study
You may be asked to do a case study that demonstrates your analytical, presentation, and communication skills. Our case studies are intended to provide insight into the role and should highlight your strengths and skills.

Meet Some of the People On Our Team

Peter Morss-Walton
Advisory Manager


Strategy Consulting Manager at Stax


I play indoor volleyball on the weekends

Why Liminal

It's a great opportunity to learn a lot from smart, talented, hardworking people.

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Coby Friedland


I graduated from the University of Michigan and have experience in seed-stage VC and boutique growth equity.


I can remember everything I have ever eaten; some call it a food-o-graphic memory.

Why Liminal

Develop expertise in a space that underpins almost everything you do online with direct exposure to the market's top innovators and everyday professional development opportunities from the firm's leaders
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Lian Sillada
Market Research Team Lead


Research and team leadership at construction and sales industry at BCI Australia.


I love to play chess on my free time.

Why Liminal

Liminal fosters employee growth and embraces diversity, creating a positive working environment for everyone.
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Why Liminal

Dental and Vision
Life Insurance Benefits
Hybrid and RemoteWork Flexibility
Training and Continuing Education
Regular team outings and!

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