Full Steam Ahead for Cloud-Adjacent Funding: Friday Dealbook for 3/12/2021

Investors in this week’s deals reflect a market desire to fund solutions to better secure endpoints connected across the cloud and lessen the manual burden of enterprise identity management – especially in light of evolving work trends due to the pandemic. Snyk’s flush series E round of $300 million to further develop its cloud platform […]

Facing the (Equi)Fax about Fraud: Friday Dealbook for 1/15/2021

2021 is off to a fast start for investments by players in spaces impacted by COVID-19, headlined by Equifax’s splashy acquisition of Kount for $640 million late last week. Notably, this move perpetuates a 2020 trend of fraud prevention and risk management platforms steadily increasing investments in large datasets to boost their fraud signals’ efficacy […]

Trust the Numbers: Friday Dealbook for 1/8/2021

This period’s deals are all about buffing up the enterprise’s ability to manage digital identity, reflecting capital increasingly deployed towards managing data in a privacy preserving fashion. OneTrust highlights the latter trend, securing $300 million of Series C funding for its privacy-centered platform helping enterprises stay compliance-ready (via tools like encryption, access controls, etc.). Also […]

Microblink, Don’t Miss It: Friday Dealbook for 12/18/2020

This week’s deals reflect growing investment trends for tackling different aspects of the onboarding process to create a digital identity – whether focused on identity verification and proofing or document verification and authorization. Microblink highlights the week, securing $60 million of development capital for its broad toolbox of IDV and OCR tech. Also featured are […]

Locking it In: Friday Dealbook for 12/11/2020

This week’s deals reflect growing investment trends for securing identity across the identity tech stack – both inside and out, leveraging cybersecurity, authentication, and verification respectively. Avira highlights the week, locking in an all-cash $360 million acquisition agreement with NortonLifeLock for its antivirus and cybersecurity management software. Rounding out the other deals are Beyond Identity’s […]

Forter-fication & Fraud: Friday Dealbook for 12/3/2020

In light of the pandemic transforming the ways we access digital identity, governments — as in the case of Ontario — and private entities alike are scrambling to secure their platforms, with this week’s deals reflect this trend of fortification, highlighted by Forter’s $125 million infusion to further its trust ecosystem for online merchants. The […]

Platforms and Global Footprints: Friday Dealbook for 11/20/2020

News of the week: Notably, noyb announced that it filed two new complaints against Apple – which continues a months long saga that has the tech giant embroiled with martech and adtech providers over competing concerns around user privacy and ad delivery effectiveness.  On that note (and offering more food for thought), this week’s deals […]

Let’s Get Digital, Digital: Friday Dealbook for 11/13/2020

This week’s deals reflect market appetite for digital transformation, especially in light of the pandemic. Targets are extending the range of services that consumers and SME’s alike desire to be able to go about their livelihoods – from accessing greater capital to securing endpoints in business processes. SentinelOne highlights the week, nabbing $267 million of […]

Data’s All, Folks: Friday Dealbook for 10/16/2020

The digital transformation occurring in the world has been accompanied by an ensuing shift towards collecting and analyzing broader and broader swathes of data across all industries. This week’s deals reflect this trend, with Segment being acquired by Twilio for $3.2 billion for its customer data platform integrating network activity data, FingerprintJS raising $4 million […]

Lex Machina: Friday Dealbook for 10/30/2020

This week’s deals reflect a pattern of emerging platforms that design systems to manage and alleviate regulatory concerns, with Signzy securing $4 million for its digital trust system to authenticate and onboard customers, DataFleets raising $4 million for its data privacy and analytics platform, and Odaseva nabbing $25 million for its data governance solution that […]

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