Europe – The World is Watching: Weekly Dealbook for 7/8/2021

This week’s deals reflect the market appetite for digital transformation with fundraising activities and market consolidations, especially in Europe and the Middle East, spreading across identity proofing, authentication, biometrics, and fraud prevention.    Notably, AnyVision raised $235 million in venture funding to accelerate its product innovation in edge computing and Access Point AI for optimized […]

eCommerce, Payments, and APIs: Weekly Dealbook for 5/27/2021

Investors in this week’s deals are focused on expanding payment fraud prevention and API protection. Most notably, Forter raised $300 million of Series F venture funding on a $3 Billion valuation. The company will use these funds to invest in talent and to continue growing its global ecosystem in different verticals. Sift acquired Chargeback for […]

Financial industry fraud platforms gaining traction: Weekly Dealbook for 5/20/2021

Investments in this week’s deals show rapid market growth in financial industry fraud platforms. Stripe acquired Bouncer for an undisclosed amount as the company continues to expand its business solutions. The acquisition will broaden Stripe’s capabilities to automatically run card authentications and detect fraud in card-based online transactions.  Amount raised  $99 million in Series D […]

Safety First: Weekly Dealbook for 5/13/2021

This week’s deals reflect a rising investor appetite in cybersecurity solutions across industries. Arkose Labs’s whopping $70 million Series C funding round highlights the bunch, reflecting a rising market interest in fraud and abuse prevention solutions. The $25 million investment from Moody’s (NYSE: MCO) and Team8 in VisibleRisk speaks to corporate cyber risk assessment. The […]

Gaining Momentum: Weekly Dealbook for 5/6/2021

Investors in this week’s deals reflect rapid growth in the digital identity market, causing companies to reach high valuations and raise new rounds to expand their organizations. Most notably, Acuant acquired Hello Soda for an undisclosed amount in an effort to increase their product stack. This illustrates a trend wherein companies are looking for inorganic […]

Remote Learning Fraud Prevention: Friday Dealbook for 4/30/2021

This week’s deals have their attention on the education sector’s rising cybersecurity threats and secure, remote proctor service needs. Most notably, Sift raised $50 million of Series E venture funding to scale and expand a portfolio of products designed to help fight fraud while reducing friction for legitimate customers. Honorlock raised $25 million of Series […]

Spotlight on Identity Verification: Friday Dealbook for 4/23/2021

This week’s deals reflect a market desire to fund solutions that better secure identity verification processes. Most notably, Signifyd raised $205 million through a combination of debt and Series E venture funding. The goal: global expansion of the company’s Commerce Protection Platform and identity graph across digital shopping and payments. In related news, Hypr raised […]

Not-So-Risky Business: Friday Dealbook for 4/16/2021

OWI has been tracking rising investor interest in funding platforms that are increasing their offerings for identity and document verification, fighting for market share through low margins, and for security and risk management, as data breaches continue to grow in sophistication and frequency. Most notably, this week, Veriff raised $69 million of development capital to […]

Get in the FaaS(t) Lane: Friday Dealbook for 4/2/2021

Following a rapid-fire few weeks in the identity investment market, we saw movement slow down as we reached the end of Q1. This week, investors showcased an interest in a wide range of solutions spanning across the landscape – from solving privacy issues in digital advertising to Fraud Prevention as a Service (FaaS). Incode raised […]

Securing Unicorn Status: Friday Dealbook for 3/19/21

Investors in this week’s deals reflect a market desire to fund solutions that better secure data privacy by providing authentication and cybersecurity use cases. Socure raised $100 million of Series D to serve that need, using AI and machine learning to verify identities. This reflects Wiz’s $130M of Series B fundraising to help scale their […]

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