Smaller Entities Raising Funds: Weekly Dealbook for 7/1/2021

Investors in this week’s DealBook reflect smaller entities being acquired and raising capital. Most notably, Illumio raised $225 million of Series F to fund the expansion of their operations, emphasizing the growing demand of cybersecurity companies with increased data privacy and regulatory compliance concerns caused by significant data breaches resulting in high fines for companies.  […]

Innovation, Expansion, and Growth: Weekly Dealbook for 6/17/2021

Investors in this week’s DealBook reflect several platforms raising large amounts of capital to fund their product expansions. Most notably, YouSign raised EUR 30 million of Series A to expand the company’s client base and headcount. Additionally, Stripe raised $1 billion of venture funding to expand its European operations. Lastly, OCR Labs raised EUR 12.5 […]

Plaid’s Blockbuster Round Checks Out: Friday Dealbook for 4/9/2021

The biggest deals that took place this past week highlight a growing trend of tech players increasing their valuations rapidly by raising large rounds of money to consolidate market share further and strengthen their ability to tackle digital identity solution segments. Most notably, Plaid raised $425 million of Series D venture funding to help develop […]

Full Steam Ahead for Cloud-Adjacent Funding: Friday Dealbook for 3/12/2021

Investors in this week’s deals reflect a market desire to fund solutions to better secure endpoints connected across the cloud and lessen the manual burden of enterprise identity management – especially in light of evolving work trends due to the pandemic. Snyk’s flush series E round of $300 million to further develop its cloud platform […]

Okta(ne)-fueled Spending for Digital Identity: Friday Dealbook for 3/5/2021

This week’s deals reflect a trend we called out last week of tech incumbents making more acquisitions to consolidate market share – particularly as a way to bundle platforms across solution segments and capture market share globally (something our 2021 landscape calls out with the emerging influence of cybersecurity-adjacent segments). Okta’s $6.5 billion acquisition of […]

Acquiring a Taste for Identity Tech: Friday Dealbook for 2/26/2021

Notable deals this week reflect a growing trend of acquisition by tech incumbents to further consolidate market share and strengthen their ability to tackle digital identity solution segments. This is highlighted not only by Galvanize’s agreement to be acquired by Diligent via a $1 billion LBO, but also by LiveRamp’s acquisition of DataFleets (to bring […]

Building Block(chain)s for Identity: Friday Dealbook for 2/19/2021

In the wake of the vastly increased demand for remote / contactless services and identity rails in 2020, businesses have scrambled to future-proof their systems via digitization. Some have even capitalized on the moment, launching startups (e.g. Certific) to crest off of concurrently increasing investor demand for such solutions, particularly biometric-based tools and systems. This […]

Follow the Databrick Road: Friday Dealbook for 2/5/2021

This week’s deals reflect sustained investor appetite to bring big data to common business processes and digitize them. Databricks’ $1 billion of Series G funding highlights the week, embodying the vendor focus on breaking down data silos, particularly as it’s increasingly being used as the basis for advanced provisioning and identity management. Box’s $55 million […]

No Mist Opportunities for the Cloud: Friday Dealbook for 1/22/2021

This week’s deals reflect investor appetite for sectors with the highest potential to be disrupted by digitized business processes. Entrust Datacard’s acquisition of HyTrust highlights the week and embodies the trend, reflecting the former’s bet on investing in cloud infrastructure security – especially given the growth of unprotected applications, built on the cloud, over the […]

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