Identity of Things


of Things

Identity is all around us. With over 30 billion new, connected devices projected to come online in 2020 alone, managing the Identity of Things is the next frontier of digital identity. As devices are integrated deeper into our civic and professional lives, they carry an increasing amount of personal data, creating a need for appropriate frameworks that administer and secure the data they transmit.

Sensor Maintenance

From deep sea oil wells, to a factory floor, or a hospital bedside, ensuring both the accuracy and integrity of deployed digital sensors has true life-or-death implications. Take advantage of the latest advances in lightweight encryption and machine learning to build sensor networks that can protect data from the point of capture and predict downtime before it happens.

Smart Cities

The application of connected devices in smart cities offers tremendous opportunity for inclusion,access to public services, operational efficiency, and environmental gains. Smart city applications are predicated on secure, privacy preserving identity infrastructure, requiring Privacy by Design principles engrained throughout design, development, and deployment.

Supply-Chain Provenance

Expanding global supply chains have made the seemingly simple question of understanding where an item came from difficult to answer. Discover how the Identity of Things can be applied to create an indelible record of a product’s journey from raw materials to its place on a store shelf. Track changes in ownership and verify beneficial ownership, as the identities of objects and persons seamlessly blend.

Edge Computing

Swelling numbers of deployed devices are already placing strains on existing network capabilities. Edge computing can help reduce bandwidth demands, with strong encryption for both data-in-flight and data-at-rest. Evaluate the latest techniques including encryption of data at rest, differential privacy, and homomorphic encryption to drive the adoption of edge computing without incurring additional risk.

With over 30 billion new, connected devices to come online in 2020 alone, managing the Identity of Things is the next frontier of digital identity.

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