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Liminal empowers banking executives at companies like Capital One and Bank of America with competitive intelligence on technology providers that provide a seamless and secure customer onboarding experience while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements. Our insights enhance interactions across the customer lifecycle, especially during customer onboarding, by equipping buyers with subject matter expertise in a highly regulated space. This helps banks reduce regulatory impact, mitigate risks, and enhance efficiency. Leveraging Liminal’s platform, banks can source solutions that improve customer trust and manage compliance more effectively. Additionally, technology companies benefit from our analysis in developing targeted and effective solutions for financial institutions.


Liminal equips fintech executives at companies like Trustly and Stripe with market and buyer insights to assess technologies supporting automation and risk management for financial services. Our innovative competitive intelligence is crucial for addressing cybersecurity, financial crime compliance, and fraud prevention in new financial services like BNPL, Insurtech, and neobanks. Liminal’s platform helps fintech companies innovate with scalable frameworks that foster growth while ensuring compliance. Solution providers targeting fintech companies can also gain valuable insights from our buyer surveys and competitor product information. This enables them to tailor their solutions to meet fintech firms’ evolving demands and challenges.


Liminal provides payment industry leaders at companies like Visa and Mastercard with critical insights into cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions that ensure secure and compliant transactions. Our research, market intelligence platform, and advisory services help payment companies integrate identity verification, authentication, and fraud detection tools, protecting themselves and their customers from fraudulent activities and maintaining transaction integrity. Additionally, technology providers can leverage our market intelligence to innovate and develop solutions that enhance transaction security and operational efficiency.

P2P Marketplaces

Liminal supports executives in peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Airbnb and Uber by providing market intelligence and strategic insights into trust and safety and fraud prevention solutions. Our services include access to company and product information on advanced identity verification systems that ensure the safety and reliability of transactions between users. By helping platforms build user trust and maintain operational compliance, we significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent activities. Additionally, solution providers targeting P2P Marketplaces can use our comprehensive market and buyer analysis to inform their offerings, enhancing the overall security and user experience.

B2B Marketplaces 

Liminal provides B2B marketplace leaders like Alibaba and Amazon with comprehensive market intelligence and advisory services focused on cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions. Our insights can help businesses streamline business and entity verification processes, ensuring secure transactions and compliance with necessary policies and regulations. This is particularly important for wholesale distributors and suppliers handling high-volume, high-value transactions. Additionally, technology providers can leverage our database of competitor information to benchmark and enhance their solutions, meeting the specific demands of high-stakes B2B environments and facilitating smoother operations.


Liminal equips e-commerce executives at companies like Walmart and eBay with advanced market intelligence and strategic insights into cybersecurity and trust and safety solutions. Our services support fraud prevention and age verification for age-restricted products, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Liminal’s expertise helps merchants handle high transaction volumes efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in e-commerce environments. Technology providers targeting e-commerce companies can also leverage our buyer insights to develop solutions that address the unique challenges of high-volume online retail, improving security and operational efficiency.

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