Becoming a LAN Expert


A different kind of expert network

The Liminal Answer Network is unlike other expert networks. Where other networks seek to connect companies with expert resources in a cold, impersonal and generic way, the Liminal Answer Network facilitates expert-to-expert conversations focused on framing the right questions that lead to actionable insights and high-impact strategies for our clients. The first of its kind, our answer network provides our clients with unrivaled market intelligence and expertise in digital identity, cybersecurity, and fintech.


Interact with experts shaping the future

The Liminal Answer Network comprises subject matter experts across industries globally who play an active role in shaping the future digital identity landscape. Our experts are leaders in building digital identity solutions, facilitating M&A and investments, and understanding market trends. Unlike other expert networks where the relationship is transactional, the Liminal Answer Network creates a trusted relationship with its clients and invests in their needs for deeper level insights to meet their goals and objectives.


How it works


Meet with a Liminal principal who will assess your relevant expertise and interest areas


Access the Liminal Answer Network (LAN) platform


Engage with our clients and connect with other industry experts and our advisory team


Asked Questions

  • How is my expertise being applied?

    Our clients engage with the Liminal Answer Network to gain knowledge and market insights for a wide range of digital identity projects and initiatives. Our clients are looking for third-party expertise to provide input that helps to validate or shape their thinking. Typical clients include investors, corporate strategy teams, senior executives validating go-to-market, products and user experience.

  • What are the benefits of being part of the Liminal Answer Network?

    Joining the Liminal Answer Network means getting paid while sharing your knowledge with others in the industry with a like-minded interest in shaping the digital identity landscape. Other benefits include: on-demand access to up-to-date market intelligence and invitations to our exclusive events.

  • How do you manage confidential information?

    We take confidentiality very seriously and protect the anonymity of our experts and our clients. All information provided to our clients is provided in summary form and further blinded and anonymized. Liminal’s principal project team are the only ones with access to contact information and call transcripts adhering to strict data compliance and confidentiality policies.

  • How am I compensated for my time?

    Liminal pays you a fixed rate per customer call and uses your time judiciously. Since we do all of our screening upfront to match your expertise with the right customer inquiries, we promise not to re-screen your knowledge before engaging on a project.


  • Will I have the opportunity to work with Liminal on consulting projects as well?

    Absolutely! Our Principals will work with you to determine projects that match your relevant expertise and interest.


Ready to get started?

Our identity experts and advisors are available to discuss your requirements, answer questions, and set up a demo of our innovative market intelligence platform.