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True Insight

Liminal’s Answer Network, the first of its kind, provides unrivaled intelligence in the areas of digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity.

Because an expert call, by itself, does not move the needle. True insight also comes from context, research, and understanding—things at the liminal space between the question and the answer.

Rapid ideation and validation requires fast and reliable insights. The current expert network market focuses on breadth of coverage vs. depth of expertise, resulting in a gap between early discovery and idea validation.

Our NEtwork

What We Do

Our network includes digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity experts around the globe who provide nuanced insights into:
Current trends and best practices across the Digital Identity Landscape
Current trends and best practices across the Digital Identity Landscape
Product insights and go-to-market strategies
Product insights and go-to-market strategies
Country-specific policies and regulations
Country-specific policies and regulations
Industry and use-case specific initiatives
Industry and use-case specific initiatives
Regional, technical, and cultural norms
Regional, technical, and cultural norms


Why Liminal?

The digital identity landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically. Customers don’t just grapple with questions; they grapple with knowing what the right questions are in the first place… and who is best positioned to answer them.

This means stakeholders need more than a “middleman” to connect them with experts in a transactional way. They need a true partner who understands what is being asked and what is at stake.

We connect with the most relevant hand-picked industry experts, combine interviews with our own research and analyses, to distill insights into a comprehensive report. The resulting engagement creates insights that are in-depth, objective, and, most importantly, actionable.


Our Platform

Liminal research captures the undercurrents of industry trends, landscape predictions, and solutions underpinning cross-sector challenges.
Advisory Services
We put our domain expertise to work by translating competitive analysis, market sizing, and consumer data into actionable business outcomes and future growth opportunities.
Our exclusive industry events pull back the curtain on emerging technologies defining the industry. We take a critical look at evolving use cases and kick the tires on what’s working (and what’s not).
Expert Community
We combine interviews from the most relevant hand-picked industry experts with our signature research and analyses and distill our insights into comprehensive reports.

"Liminal is great at recognizing and knowing where my expertise lies due to their deep understanding of the complex digital identity ecosystem and its key challenges and players. As a leader in financial technology, I appreciate the simplicity and personal interaction with the Liminal team."

Eric Woodward

Fintech Executive, Financial Technology Advisors

"The quality of insights that the Liminal team produces in their reports is unparalleled. They work with the most knowledgeable experts in identity and beyond.”

Filip Verley

Group Product Manager, Google


Our Offerings

The Liminal Answer Network delivers research-centric project plans, curated conversations with Liminal experts, and reports containing answers pertinent to your questions.


Discovery Brief
Our evaluation of digital identity and market strategies provides global investment insights.


Validation Brief
Enhancing operations and competitiveness for market growth and success.


Market Insights Report
Providing tools for leaders to outpace competition and customize with insights.


Market Intelligence Report
Guiding clients through market opportunities and ecosystem trends.

Ready to get started?

Our identity experts and advisors are available to discuss your requirements, answer questions, and set up a demo of our innovative market intelligence platform.