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This media kit provides valuable information and resources to communicate your company’s position as a leading vendor in Liminal’s Link™ Index for Customer Authentication. The Link™ Index benchmarks customer authentication solutions used in financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, and age-restricted digital experiences, exploring how these vendors navigate the complexities of security, user experience, and scalability. Being listed as a Leading Vendor in a Link Index is an achievement to be celebrated and shared broadly with your customers, prospects, investors, board of directors, media, and influencers. You’ve worked hard to get to this point! Now, it’s time to shout your accomplishments from the rooftops. Use the provided badges, banners, and more to elevate your brand, drive demand for your solution, and create original content marketing assets.

Use the badges, banners and more to elevate your brand and drive demand for your solution, or create your own original content marketing assets. 

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Badges and Banners

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Link Index for Customer Authentication

Liminal’s analysis of the customer authentication market identifies 15 leading vendors within a broader landscape of over 50 companies. These companies deploy vertical-agnostic go-to-market strategies, overlapping substantially across financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, and age-restricted digital experiences. Adopting leading customer authentication solutions results in significant benefits, including reductions in call center account resets, labor expenses, customer churn, and successful phishing attacks. These improvements lead to increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved security. The companies evaluated vary in size, product suites, and approaches to solving customer authentication challenges. The Link™ Index provides an in-depth look at each vendor’s core capabilities, market influence, and go-to-market strategy in a crowded market.

 Profiles of the top 15 vendors leading in this market include

liminal index methodology

About the Link Index

Leading Vendor Ranking & Analysis

The Link™ Index offers a detailed analysis and ranking of leading vendors for specific use cases, leveraging robust data and insights from Liminal’s market and competitive intelligence platform, Link.

Global Surveys & Analyst Briefings

Liminal’s research team invites solution providers to participate in a company survey and analyst briefing, and uses a proprietary framework to assess and rank product capabilities based on their relevance to market needs.

Landscape Taxonomy

Liminal’s Digital Identity Landscape taxonomy and ontology are central to the Link™ Index, which precisely evaluates vendor solutions by buyer demand, product capability, and market presence.

Buyer Surveys

Liminal conducts a rigorous survey among buyers in the vendor selection process to identify the most in-demand product capabilities and the most valued product components. Market presence criteria included buyer satisfaction, market penetration, buyer recognition, and brand recognition.

The Link Index was designed to inform go-to-market strategy and execution, and provide guidance for solution seekers, specifically: executives in corporate strategy, leaders of go-to-market, practitioners of solution implementation.

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