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A platform made for professionals in an ever-changing identity space

Access specialized market data and access to expert network to inform key decisions faster while connecting to your next customer, solution provider, or investor, to achieve superior returns.

Actionable Market intelligence

Better market intelligence platform

Our platform helps businesses feel confident about their strategic and investment decisions with curated data and signals, macro themes, and industry and regulatory reports on niche private companies and their markets.


Faster time-to-decision

Make decisions up to 9X faster and at a fraction of the cost, with complete navigation of data and multi-dimensional signals for forecasting, predicting and strategizing your business’ next move.


Gain anunfair advantage

We help you discover those “lightbulb moments” before the competition, and make it easy to connect with your next customer, solution provider, partner or investor.


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Link is a self-service market intelligence platform with specialized data and research reports designed for digital identity solution providers, solution seekers, and private equity and venture capital firms.

Link was built to address two major challenges that exist with other platforms on the market – their scope is too broad and their insights are not specialized or immediately actionable. These solutions often lead to costly extended decision timelines and missed opportunities. 

Link solves for all of that plus gives you access to 300+ experts in our network. With product-level data on over 2,000 companies across the digital identity landscape, and an intuitive user interface, we make it easy (and fast) for you to find the specialized information you need to reach your goals. From finding competitors for an early-stage venture to prescribing solutions to macro market shifts or creating a strategic product roadmap, we deeply understand your use cases and offer the access and insights to increase the time to decision to help you achieve superior returns.

The company and product-level data and tagging in Link are updated daily, through a combination of automatic and manual review, and validated across multiple sources for completeness. On average, we’re adding and updating more than a 100 new companies and products each week.

What was once Liminal’s private market intelligence tool, with curated data and purpose-built models, is now available as a self-service tool for professionals.

You’ll have access to our database, powerful discovery and comparison tools as well as our entire history of market reports.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Reach out to link@liminal.co


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