Top 15 Privacy and Consent Management Vendors Revealed in Liminal’s Link Index


New York, July 9, 2024 — Liminal, a leading market and competitive intelligence company, announces the release of the 2024 Link Index for Privacy and Consent Management, its latest report examining the top vendors in the increasingly critical privacy and consent management market. This benchmark report identifies the top 15 privacy and consent management vendors addressing challenges such as escalating regulatory pressures, advanced AI technology integration, and rising data breaches. According to the report, 74% of organizations recognize the urgent need to modernize their data management systems to reduce compliance risks.

The privacy and consent management market is evolving quickly. Leading vendors are creating solutions to help businesses comply with data privacy laws, streamline processes, enhance data governance, and reduce risks. The Link Index for Privacy and Consent Management analyzes these vendors, evaluating their product performance and strategy and highlighting their capabilities in automated privacy tools, AI privacy management, dynamic consent management, and risk assessment. This report is essential for businesses looking to understand and engage with the top vendors.

Organizations are looking to upgrade their legacy systems and streamline compliance,” said Travis Jarae, CEO of Liminal. “Over half of the businesses we surveyed mentioned increased risks from relying on outdated systems. There’s a strong demand for automated tools that boost efficiency, provide risk assessments, and lower the risk of fines. Companies also want customizable solutions to fit their specific needs, ensuring effective management and protection of user data. The vendor landscape is diverse, with top vendors offering a mix of comprehensive privacy solutions, advanced AI integration, and robust risk management tools. Our report helps businesses navigate this landscape and find the right vendor to meet their privacy and consent management needs.

Liminal’s rigorous evaluation process identified the top 15 vendors from 61 companies. These vendors were assessed based on brand awareness, company size, employee growth, market leadership, and market penetration. The selected vendors excel in product performance and strategy, making them well-positioned to meet current and future needs. They show significant market influence through strong brand awareness, employee growth, and high market penetration. Their readiness ensures they can support organizations in maintaining compliance, enhancing data governance, and improving efficiency in an evolving privacy landscape.

The Link Index for Privacy and Consent Management sets a new standard for evaluating the privacy and consent management market. Organizations can navigate the regulatory landscape, protect user data, and achieve long-term resilience by adopting a more modern approach.

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