Episode Biometric Identity Proofing & Orchestration

Episode 242


Episode 242

Biometric Identity Proofing & Orchestration

Building a digital identity platform from scratch in the “unbanked” population of the South African market poses significant challenges. The need for frictionless, customer-centric solutions, however, is not unique to any one geography, industry, or use case. In this week’s State of Identity podcast, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Shaun Strydom, Founder, Executive Head, and Identity Futurologist at Contactable to discuss the race for digital identity orchestration and federation. They go beyond the bells and whistles of biometrics and verification solutions and reveal how fully orchestrated onboarding solves for organizational complexities when servicing customer journeys digitally.


Cameron D'Ambrosi


Shaun Strydom - Founder, Executive Head, & Identity Futurologist at Contactable


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Episode 245

The Zero Trust model is the belief that no one should be trusted from inside or outside your network, until their identity has been verified. Zero trust refers to the alignment of maturing identity practices, an established understanding of user behaviors, and the application of least-privilege access security policy decisions to trust boundaries. In this week’s State of Identity, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi debunks the buzz around zero trust architecture with Ryan Case, Chief Cybersecurity Architect at SailPoint. They provide first-hand guidance on identity-defined security architecture and how it enriches authorization with both contextual and intelligent access information to make objective decisions. In this session, you’ll learn how to reduce friction to end-users while enabling deliberate identity verification and policy decisions.

Episode 244

COVID fundamentally evolved the way we transact digitally — from healthcare to banking to online betting through crypto trading account opening. How will banks evolve remote account opening? How will organizations ensure people are responsibly gambling online? In this week’s episode of State of Identity, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Shaun Moore, the Chief Executive Officer of Trueface, a Pangiam company, and Patrick S. Flanagan, the Co-Founder and COO of Pangiam. They tackle these questions head-on, the broader context of digital identity and proofing solutions, Pangiam’s recent acquisition of Trueface, and how software has been the critical piece delivering hardware-agnostic solutions.

Episode 243

Will technology help save humanity or accelerate our demise? Listen in as host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, discusses with Guy Perelmuter, the Author of Present Future: Business, Science, and the Deep Tech Revolution and Founder of GRIDS Capital, to unwrap the evolution of cryptocurrencies and what that means for the future of money, how global supply chains change with AI, 3D printing, robotics, and blockchain technologies, and how a new “social score” may come into existence.

Episode 241

In an effort to mitigate climate change, technology, and data-driven intelligence are playing a critical factor in large-scale reforestation before it becomes a climate catastrophe. In this week’s State of Identity podcast, join host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, and Arnout Asjes, CTO of the Land Life Company, as we discuss how the identity of things expands to agro-ecological use cases. From terrestrial monitoring apps and drones to machine learning algorithms incorporating satellite data, tech-driven reforestation projects are built with continuous feedback loops, helping our planet help mitigate climate change for the long haul.

Episode 240

What if we could go beyond a fingerprint to establish behaviors, mannerisms, and motor movements that make you uniquely you? In this week’s State of Identity podcast, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Jonathan Nystrom, CEO of Intensity Analytics, to discuss the geospatial, multidimensional routines that comprise behavioral biometrics. Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are being adopted as the next wave of frictionless authentication to compare previous behavior to current behavior, all to sufficiently identify that you’re you.

Episode 239

MX, a financial services, data, and software company, connecting users to their accounts, financial institutions to their users, and taking the data that comes out of those connections to enhance and refine so that it becomes more usable. Listen to host Cameron D’Ambrosi and David Whitcomb, VP of Product Connectivity Experience at MX sit down to tackle the history behind open finance, where we are today, FinTechs journey with accessing accounts, facing the reality that there is no endpoint, and the power of open source technology.

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