Cloudentity: Identity Next

Episode 234


Episode 234

Cloudentity: Identity Next

The identity industry is evolving. Once a niche field that very few people understood, digital identity is now a strategic piece in every organization’s security architecture. Organizations are successfully breaking away from monolithic, legacy systems yet one key challenge that remains is building user-centric security solutions. To build centralized authorization in an increasingly decentralized world, identity data needs to be dynamic and easily adaptable — without changing a single line of code. Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Director of Strategic Alliances at Cloudentity David Lee as they pave way for the next realm of “identity 3.0” and break down open data, the adoption of new identity standards, and active governance systems across the organization.


Cameron D’Ambrosi


David Lee, Director of Strategic Alliances at Cloudentity


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