Deep Tech Revolution

Episode 243


Episode 243

Deep Tech Revolution

Will technology help save humanity or accelerate our demise? Listen in as host, Cameron D’Ambrosi, discusses with Guy Perelmuter, the Author of Present Future: Business, Science, and the Deep Tech Revolution and Founder of GRIDS Capital, to unwrap the evolution of cryptocurrencies and what that means for the future of money, how global supply chains change with AI, 3D printing, robotics, and blockchain technologies, and how a new “social score” may come into existence.


Cameron D'Ambrosi


Guy Perelmuter, Author of Present Future: Business, Science, and the Deep Tech Revolution and Founder of GRIDS Capital


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Episode 282

On this week’s State of Identity podcast, host Cameron D’Ambrosi and Russ Cohn, General Manager, International at OCR Labs dive into the growing digital identity space. They discuss why digital identity is breaking out of pigeonholes around risk and compliance that have been held for so many years, and how OCR Labs is differentiating itself among a crowded field of competitors in the IDV and Doc space.

Episode 281

Where is the intersection of trust and identity? On this week’s State of Identity podcast host Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Steve Ritter, CTO at Mitek & Christopher Briggs Head of Product at Mitek to discuss their recent acquisition of HooYu, and what this means for the identity market, businesses, and consumers alike.

Episode 280

Open finance and APIs are driving a new era of financial innovation that will fuel new use cases and business models for financial institutions and fintechs. David Whitcomb, Vice President of Product at MX and Crystal Anderson, Vice President of Product Management at MX join the State of Identity podcast to define “Open Finance,” how it’s part of the Open Banking movement, and will explain how financial institutions can benefit from open finance and drive innovation vs. leaving it to the latest fintech app.

Episode 279

How do state-sponsored cyber-attacks impact the techniques of the common cyber-criminal? On this week’s State of Identity Podcast, host Cameron D’Ambrosi welcomes Chuck Everette, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy at Deep Instinct to discuss today’s evolving cyber threat landscape and why current defenses are light years behind.

Episode 278

In this month’s Investing in Identity series, we examine what a bear market indicates for high growth sectors like identity. This month’s agenda features:

  • Wall Street is on the cusp of a bear market. What does this mean for identity solutions and what are the market indicators to watch?
  • Advice to startup founders and investors in the identity market with money at stake
  • This month’s movers and shakers: LexisNexis Risk Solutions acquires BehavioSec, to bolster their predictive behavioral biometrics, continuous authentication, and fraud prevention capabilities

Episode 277

How do we secure API’s? On this week’s State of Identity podcast host, Cameron D’Ambrosi sits down with Roey Eliyahu, Co-Founder & CEO at Salt Security to discuss the difference between authentication and authorization, particularly as it applies to APIs, API attacks, and the limits of applying identity-based controls to API security.
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