State of Identity Podcast

Mastercard: Giving the Rental Property Market a Digital Makeover

The last 12 months have heralded significant change across the property market but one change that has been in the pipeline long before the pandemic is how property businesses and renters interact in a digital-first world. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial office space, for a long or short-term rental, people will always need a roof over their head to live and work. And now, in the “new normal”, commercial renters are uncertain of the office sizes they require as residential renters have greater flexibility on where they choose to live and work due to hybrid working. We’re now in an age where property managers require smart and secure solutions that simplify customer assessment, property management, background proper screening, and rent payment processing. Even deciding the best property to rent becomes a virtual journey to improve efficiencies, but the property manager needs to have full evidence of customers being who they say they are, to avoid risks and fraud while improving the experience. This podcast explores the opportunities and challenges of property renting in 2021 and beyond, for both consumers and businesses, and how Digital Identity and leading Identity Verification solutions are vital for delivering convenient, secure, smart digital interactions that work better for everyone, whatever the property may be.

Hosted by
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Senior Principal at Liminal
Sarah Clark, Michael Brown
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