State of Identity Podcast

The 300th: APIs, Fraud, & Number Verify

It’s our 300th State of Identity episode! For this special edition, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi welcomes an all-star trio with decades of experience and insights – Adri Loloci, Senior Global Product Manager at Vodafone Identity Hub, Helene Vigue, Identity and Data Director at GSMA, and Glyn Povah, Global Product Development at Telefónica Tech. The dynamic conversation covers the mobile operators that are opening up APIs to support fraud detection and prevention and reduce friction for users. Turn in as we discuss the concrete example of Number Verify – a seamless, SIM-based verification that the user is in possession of their mobile device.

Hosted by
Cameron D'Ambrosi
Senior Principal at Liminal
Adri Loloci
Senior Global Product Manager at Vodafone
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