The pace of evolving global regulatory requirements can pose challenges to your organization’s ability to realize its vision. The impact of non-compliance can be both financial and reputational. Misunderstanding the cultural, regulatory, and political nuances of a new or unfamiliar market may even threaten your organization’s competitive advantage. We help position our clients for long-term success with a cross-organizational approach that prepares them for the uncertain regulatory landscape of the future, without sacrificing growth.


Consumer expectations for seamless digital experiences have placed a growing burden on platforms to reduce onboarding friction while meeting strict KYC requirements. We help Tier 1 banks and startups alike take advantage of the latest advances in machine learning, document verification, and identity federation to build compliance programs that meet the needs of stakeholders across departments.


Data privacy remains a key risk for growing organizations, as rulemaking and enforcement of newly implemented regulations continues to take shape. We help our clients manage risk with access to a global network of ex-regulators, privacy lawyers, and policy experts. Leverage key insights to build data privacy regime compatible with pending regulations, and your strategic roadmap.

Beneficial Ownership & KYB

The European Union’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive places a spotlight on the capture and maintenance of accurate ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) data for legal entities, and opens up new national UBO databases for third-party access. These shifts are transforming legal entity onboarding flows with massive downstream impact.


The broad applicability of digital identity applications creates opportunities for growth, and unexpected regulatory risk from regulatory regimes developed during the pre-internet era. We enable our clients to maximize the applicability of their platforms, while helping avoid the implementation of additional compliance infrastructure when avoidable. In addition, we specialize in finding process efficiencies to help your existing compliance team scale effectively.

Leverage key insights to build data privacy regime compatible with pending regulations, and your strategic roadmap.

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How does the sharing economy scale their core business while adapting to evolving regulations and identity requirements expected of leading money-services businesses? 
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Liminal digital identity and verifiable credentials


Harnessing the Value of Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

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