Mitigating the Mobile Account Takeover Epidemic

The statistics outlined in this report speak for themselves — ATO fraud grew over 650% in 2020. While some of this could be chalked down to newly digital users and something of a pandemic “fog of war”, 2021 may not be much better since fraudsters may be more focused on business as usual now that […]

Driving Consumer-Centric Digital Identity To Speed Financial Growth

Creating a customer-centric digital identity strategy requires an understanding of how a consumer interacts with identity. Specifically, it requires a focus on consumer data regulation, best practices, reliable insights, new technologies, and potential use cases across sectors that use this approach. Created in partnership with Trulioo, this report explores what it means to incorporate consumer-centric […]

Using Digital Identity To Unleash Organizational Data

This report, in partnership with SAS, provides an overview of the current relationship between fraud and customer experiences, the role data silos play, and how silos can be mitigated and frictionless experiences can be created to benefit both businesses and customers.  

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