Insight report

Consumer Digital Identity Landscape 2021: Migrating to Personal Identity Ecosystems


By Liminal Team

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that consumer identity is in need of an intervention. Decades of neglect have led to the current state of play – identity fraud is rampant and consumers are justifiably paranoid about the lack of control that they have over their digital destinies.

The challenge is not insurmountable. It will, however, require a comprehensive recalibration of current identity architecture to address consumer pain points, most notably, the breaking down of today’s 1:1 ecosystem of consumer to service provider relationships and building Personal Identity Ecosystems (PIEs) that will facilitate migration to trusted, decentralized consumer identity management.

The report includes

  • The Identity Lifecycle
  • Consumer-Centric Market Drivers
  • The Digital Identity Landscape
  • Benchmarking Today’s Consumer ID Experience
  • Moving to and Building Personal Identity Ecosystems


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