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Advanced Analytics For Dissolving Data Silos

Advanced Analytics For Dissolving Data Silos

How can businesses tell the difference between real customers and synthetic identities? The answer lies in data.

Our February 2020 Roundtable, in partnership with SAS, explored the issues that organizations face in battling fraud, improving the financial identities of customers, and building data systems to mitigate silos and “puddles.” After the conversation, OWI continued to analyze the impacts of data silos in action, and the risks they pose, creating a vision for the future of data management.

This OWI Whitepaper takes an expert look into silo formation and the impact it poses to financial institutions. The more siloed the organization, the more security vectors fraudsters have available. The pandemic lead to a rise in digital banking popularity, stressing legacy systems. This white paper explains what considerations businesses and institutions need to make as they combat the mismanagement of data.

The report includes

  • A recap of the event’s key takeaways
  • A deep dive into data silos as threat vectors
  • An expert breakdown of the impacts of data silos in action
  • Key risks and concerns businesses need to be aware of
  • SAS and OWI’s vision for the future in this space
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