Insight report

Capturing The Digital Identity Evolution Through A Layered Approach


By Liminal Team

The silver lining of COVID-19 might just be how much digital innovation has been driven across industries, some estimates citing at least two years’ worth of digitization in the first six months of the pandemic. As a result of this forced evolution, organizations have had to respond to radical shifts in customer behavior and expectations.

Created in partnership with Experian, this report provides an overview and analysis of the obstacles hindering digital identity management, the ambiguous regulatory landscape and issues with consumer trust. For businesses to thrive post-pandemic, they will need solutions to address digital identity concerns.  This report defines and outlines a layered approach that allows organizations to modernize identity while building in services customers want and expect.

The report includes

  • Roadmap to Present State of Digital Identity
  • COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation and Identity
  • The Challenges to Overcome
  • Constructing Future Identities for Businesses and Consumers
  • The Future of Identity
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