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Phone-Centric Identity: How to Solve Identity Authentication and Verification’s Biggest Challenges


By Liminal Team

The current identity fraud landscape can best be described as a perfect storm for criminals.

With a global pandemic in 2020 driving consumers and businesses online, and a hockey stick growth curve for digital transactions, fraudsters had an abundance of opportunities to practice their trade.

Unlike traditional, user-centric approaches to identity management such as passwords, mobile devices can provide multiple signals such as behavioral biometrics, device intelligence, and push authentication. Layering of these multiple capabilities provides robust identity management that meets today’s consumer expectations for seamless, low friction experiences.

The report includes

    • The Rapid Rise of Mobile and a Logical Way to Leverage Mobile Signals
    • The Identity Lifecycle
    • Using Phone-Centric Identity for Holistic Customer Lifecycle Management
    • Future-Proofing for Next-Generation Customer Requirements
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