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Digital Identity and its Impact on Supply Chain and IoT

Digital Identity and its Impact on Supply Chain and IoT

Following our December 2020 Digital Roundtable,  Integrating Identity Into The Supply Chain, OWI and GS1 US continued to explore the role digital identity plays in managing the obstacles associated with gaining insight into the manufacturing process and the growth of the supply chain.

In partnership with GS1, we synthesized the event’s key discussions and dove deeper into the following areas:

  • The choice industry faces. It can integrate ‘dumb products’ or transform them into smart devices along the supply chain. Connecting networks of internet-enabled objects or automated processes opens the door to serious security risks and questions.
  • Regulations, such as the INFORM Consumers Act, aim to verify seller trust, but the question remains: who is the ultimate beneficiary? Is it the consumer? The marketplace? The brand? All three?
  • Embedding dynamic attributes in product labels can significantly improve consumer experiences with a brand or retailer, providing a wealth of new information and connections. But it requires context and packaging innovation.

The report includes

  • Event key takeaways
  • A deep-dive exploration into Digital Identity in Manufacturing and Digital Identity in Supply Chains
  • An exploration into The INFORM Act and vendor identity
  • An expert view into the risks and future of supply chain
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