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Winning the Financial Services Onboarding Battle by Repositioning eIDV ROI


By Liminal Team

It’s never been a better or worse time to be in financial services, depending on which side of the digital transformation fence you sit. For institutions that have relied on physical branches, legacy technologies, siloed departments, and the assumption that a customer is for life, it’s going to be a rough ride the next few years. Conversely, for those that can adapt and rise to the challenge of digitization, the opportunities are significant when they recognize the power that exceptional user experiences can have in cultivating customer lifetime value.

Created in partnership with Global Data Consortium (GDC), this report illustrates how a small investment in eIDV technology can deliver significant returns by enabling new and nearly frictionless customer acquisition processes. In fact, a dollar spent on onboarding with eIDV is worth $412 in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Download to learn more!

The report includes

  • Digitization as the future for financial services
  • Importance of BFA (bank from anywhere)
  • Consumers’ digital demands
  • Neobanking
  • KYB (know your business) onboarding pain points
  • Repositioning identity verification as a customer acquisition cost
  • ROI of digital onboarding using eIDV




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