Investing in Identity: Mobile Voting Extended Conversation

OWI’s, Cameron D’Ambrosi discusses with Global Mobile’s CEO Lee Durham all aspects of mobile voting, beginning at what was the impetus for putting this platform together, the plan for scaling, and going to market, then diving into what key considerations needed to break through some of the opposition with mobile voting. Hear how they unpack […]

Investing in Identity: Vaccine Passports Extended Conversation

Cameron D’Ambrosi sits down with Blake Hall to discuss the latest news and endeavors for, beginning at how they are supporting governments in the time of COVID-19 and aiding in the administration of unemployment needs. As the world is beginning to open up and vaccine passports are a hot topic, the ethical question of […]

The Game That Changed It All

Game-changers are also taking the crypto world by storm – this time in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFT). These are cryptographic assets stored on the blockchain via smart contract codes and metadata that distinguish them from one another. What started as a game of virtual cats (geared toward early adopter crypto-enthusiasts) is now the […]

The 2021 Identity Landscape

CEO Travis Jarae and Managing Director Cameron D’Ambrosi discuss the 2021 OWI Identity Landscape, an extensive and holistic view of the solution segments that are transforming digital identity. What’s unique about this year’s landscape is the adoption of digital identity use cases from a largely secondary set of users: the consumer. In 2020, you couldn’t […]

Investing Trends in Digital Identity: Movers and Shakers in 2021

Tune in to this 1-1 interview lead by OWI’s Travis Jarae and guest Eric Woodward. Hear Eric’s journey as an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor, in and around financial technology companies. Hear their assessment of the digital identity investment market, including what positives and negatives to draw from the past fiscal year and how COVID-19 has […]

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