The 2021 Identity Landscape: Golden Cog Edition


At OWI, we look at digital identity a little bit differently. We think about identity not as a “what,” but a “how.” How do we onboard users remotely, especially in the time of COVID? How do we manage a completely remote workforce? How do we prevent fraud in a mobile-first world? How do we enable citizens to access services? OWI’s Golden Cog Framework holds the answers to these questions as well as new opportunities arising in an evolving digital identity frontier. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the Golden Cog Framework demonstrates how multiple digital identity market segments come together to address the “how might we” use cases that are driving demand in this space.

Join OWI CEO, Travis Jarae, and OWI Managing Director, Cameron D’Ambrosi, as they tell the story of how multiple segments come together to address unique identity challenges — whether they are data challenges, technology challenges, business model challenges, and beyond.

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