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The 2021 Identity Landscape

January 26, 2021

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CEO Travis Jarae and Managing Director Cameron D’Ambrosi discuss the 2021 OWI Identity Landscape, an extensive and holistic view of the solution segments that are transforming digital identity.

What’s unique about this year’s landscape is the adoption of digital identity use cases from a largely secondary set of users: the consumer. In 2020, you couldn’t escape the pandemic’s impact, forcing enterprises, institutions, and governments to transform as employees worked from home, students learned online and patients received care from telemedicine providers. It’s a shift that moves the importance of digital identity – including privacy and security – from the backrooms of corporate offices and into people’s homes.

Hear what “Golden Cog” opportunities arise in an evolving digital identity frontier and how companies are positioned to elevate their products and services in the year to come.

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