The Thesis: Age Gate


The UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC), is a clarification on how GDPR is to be enforced and extends the regulators’ reach beyond the basic protection of children’s personal data into how children’s digital experiences are designed, including inferred data, passive data collection from connected devices, and not only services used by children, but those likely to be used by them. In this month’s episode of The Thesis, Liminal’s Director of Research, Nick Holland, discusses AADC with Stephen Teppler, Partner and Chair of Cybersecurity and Privacy at Sterlington, PLLC, answering questions including:

*What is AADC?

*What must companies do to prove that they are screening sufficiently for age?

*What are the repercussions for non-compliance?

*Why is this regulation not being more publicly addressed?

*Is this likely to become a template for US age regulation for digital services?

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