FEBRUARY 6-8, 2024

A Private Event for Executives in Identity


The vanguard of digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity innovation and exploration

The Liminal Summit is an invitation-only, executive leadership event committed to digital identity innovation and exploration. Over three days, the summit will convene in Cabo, Mexico with an exclusive group of founders, executives, investors, and product innovators for unscripted, closed-door dialogue, unparalleled connections, and unprecedented insights that will scale the next wave of identity solutions.

Travis Jarae
Liminal, Founder & CEO


Be among the leaders
building the future of our industry

Our community includes an immensely influential cohort of individuals personally committed to innovation, exploration, investment, and strategic partnerships across all digital interactions. While our attendee list is private to those who are in attendance, you can expect to meet market-makers from organizations like

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Gain a competitive advantage and learn from industry titans

In 2024, we’re pushing the boundaries further, addressing the pressing topics of today. Unlike conventional conferences with predefined agendas, we continuously refine our investment thesis throughout the year, curating the most timely and impactful market trends.

Led by industry pioneers who have successfully scaled solutions to tackle modern digital identity challenges, our plenary discussions promise real-world expertise. Prepare to be an active participant, engaging in collaborative learning that transcends the traditional role of an attendee.



Take a peek at this year’s agenda

Join the conversations that will take a critical look at evolving business strategies, evaluate what’s working (and what’s not), and get out in front of the emerging technologies that will define the next decade of digital identity innovation. Last year’s agenda included:

The Impact of Generative AI on Business and Digital Identity in 2024

Explore Generative AI’s impact on business and digital identity, including its current uses, potential risks, and expected regulatory changes. Understand the implications on fraud, compliance, and cybersecurity – directly from those spearheading AI research and development.

Digital Identity in Government: Innovations, Challenges, and the Path Forward

Leading practitioners will offer insights on federal and state identity initiatives, mobile driver’s licenses, child online safety, and public-private collaboration in digital credentials. This discussion promises to unveil the intricacies and opportunities of integrating digital identity within government structures.

What Is Old Is New Again: The Dawn of the Modern Consortium

Fintech veterans explore the rise of consortiums in recent decades and the governance structures involved. This session highlights the key beneficiaries of these consortiums and why many fintechs are just now opting to join them.

The Rise and Rise of Business and Entity Verification

Business & Entity Verification (BEV) and Know Your Business (KYB) were some of the most sought-after product areas in 2023. We examine the challenges of business identity and KYB processes and why companies are increasingly prioritizing business verification and beneficial ownership.

Building for Trust and Inclusion

This session provides practical tools and guidelines for developing inclusive, fair, and equitable products. We tackle the pressing issue of bias in AI, exploring strategies to identify and mitigate these biases to ensure that AI systems are transparent, ethical, and beneficial for diverse user groups.

The Evolution of the Digital Identity Landscape

Examine the major market shifts over the past decade and forecast future trends, using the Liminal Digital Identity Landscape as a backdrop. This session offers a unique chance to explore pivotal changes and strategies for market success in 2024 and 2025, with valuable insights from those leading the industry’s evolution.

Case Study: How LinkedIn and CLEAR Partnered to Build Trust Online

Uncover LinkedIn’s journey in integrating identity verification in its recent partnership with CLEAR. Discover the reasons behind the decision, the outcomes of this partnership, and how end users are responding. This session offers a real-world case study on collaboration between a major social network and a security innovator to enhance online trust.

Deep-dive Market Update for Digital Identity and Cybersecurity

Analyze the top achievers of 2023, their implications for the future, key trends in technology investment, and capital raising strategies for the upcoming year. We’ll explore how technology is evolving in the eyes of investors and acquirers, what is driving investor interest, and how your company can prepare to raise capital.

The Liminal Space: Top Trends Across Financial Crime, Compliance, and Cybersecurity

Liminal’s experts discuss the latest trends in financial crime, compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management. We analyze key developments across the current landscape and strategies to both navigate and capitalize on trends.


Take part in the conversations that won’t happen anywhere else, with a curated agenda focused on the strategic questions facing your business today

Our carefully curated itinerary combines learning and adventure, ensuring a harmonious balance that will leave you with renewed energy, strengthened bonds, and a shared vision for the future of our industry.

At the Liminal Executive Summit, you’ll engage in unscripted idea-sharing, intimate conversations, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Each evening concludes with additional networking opportunities to connect and establish meaningful partnerships in a relaxed setting, ensuring that business objectives are met.

blair cohen

The folks at Liminal put together an inspiring and first-rate agenda for the top thought leaders in the world. The agenda was spot on for what is happening today and also, what will happen in the next three to five years.

Blair Cohen

Founder & President, AuthenticID

Tony Peccatiello

The Liminal Executive Summit was the single most valuable event I’ve been to in my professional career.

Tony Peccatiello

CEO, Parallel Markets

Kathleen Peters

The intimate nature of of this event created a no nonsense environment for open, transparent, and meaningful networking.

Kathleen Peters

Chief Innovation Officer, Experian

craig mcdonald

The event was first-rate all the way around.

Craig McDonald

Chief Business Officer, Trustly

Daniel Robus

It was a melting pot of strategy, ideas, and innovation. I learned more about our industry in 48 hours than I have in six months of reading.

Daniel Robus

CRO, Contactable

Cindy White

It was so good to connect and reconnect with so many of our peers and colleagues. The sessions and presentations provided valuable insights and sparked much-needed and thought-provoking conversations.

Cindy White

CMO, Mitek Systems


your invitation

Fostering open dialogue is critical to the summit’s success; attendance is limited to 100 C-Suite executives from leading solution providers and innovative brands, government and policy leaders around the world, and well-regarded investors focused on digital identity. We thoroughly vet all attendees to ensure they are actively invested in or strategically aligned with the digital identity ecosystem.