Andrew Shikiar

Principal Advisor

Andrew Shikiar brings extensive experience driving awareness and adoption of emerging B2B technologies to his role as Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer at the FIDO Alliance – a non-profit industry association focused on eliminating the world’s dependence on passwords by creating and driving adoption of open standards for simpler, stronger user authentication. Andrew has been involved in leading identity and multi-stakeholder organizations since 2001, when he helped recruit initial participants to the Liberty Alliance and was a group manager for Sun Microsystems’ identity management products and services.

In addition to helping launch and/or lead other industry consortia such as Tizen Association, LiMo Foundation and the Smart TV Alliance, Shikiar has been involved with the inception of early-stage companies or initiatives, including leadership roles at Sun’s JavaSoft division as well as with start-ups in the advanced analytics and electronic marketing industries.

Andrew Shikiar
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