Gilad Rosner

Dr. Gilad Rosner

Principal Advisor

Dr. Gilad Rosner is digital identity, privacy, and regulation consultant and researcher. Gilad is a published academic and government advisor, and his work focuses on the evolution of digital identity management, US & EU privacy regimes, the Internet of Things, and emerging technologies. His research has been used by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the UK House of Commons Science & Technology Committee, and the Welsh Government. He has been a featured expert on the BBC and other news outlets, and his 25-year IT career spans ID technologies, digital media, robotics, and telecommunications. Gilad is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, and was part of the Privacy Guidelines Expert Group of the OECD. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, and he founded the non-profit Internet of Things Privacy Forum. Gilad is an expert on the regulation of digital identity, and he consults and researches on a broad range of issues including GDPR, emotional AI, online trust, digital ethics, age verification, children’s privacy, biometrics, and de-identification. Gilad is an internationally invited speaker, giving talks at industry conferences, universities, and government agencies, including the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Prior to becoming a consultant and researcher, he helped design, prototype and manufacture the world's only robotic video migration system, known as SAMMA, which won an Emmy Award for technical and engineering excellence in 2011. Gilad holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Chicago, a Master’s from NYU, and a PhD from the University of Nottingham. When not practicing the nerdly arts, Gilad likes to host lip sync battles and rollerblade.