Liminal Launches New Answer Network with Insights from Top Industry Experts


By:The Liminal Team

.Liminal Launches New Answer Network with Insights from Top Industry Experts

Liminal, a boutique strategy advisory firm serving digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity clients, and the private equity and venture capital community, announced today the launch of its expert network the Liminal Answer Network (LAN). Liminal’s global professional network offers direct connectivity to industry experts who provide unrivaled intelligence in the areas of digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity. The introduction of Liminal’s Answer Network creates opportunities to accelerate growth, connect insights, and better serve Liminal’s clients globally. Unlike other expert networks, Liminal complements its interviews and surveys with the company’s proprietary market intelligence, competitive benchmarking, and industry trend analysis.


“Our objective is to close a gap in the market – especially in a fragmented and nuanced space like digital identity,” said Liminal CEO, Travis Jarae. “The Liminal Answer Network is a natural extension of our organization’s capabilities in transaction services, research, consulting, and advisory. This is a valuable and efficient offering, combining insights from the most relevant experts of our industry with our own research and analyses, all distilled into a comprehensive report tailored to our clients’ specific needs. The resulting engagement creates insights that are in-depth, objective, and, most importantly, actionable.” 


Over the last year, Liminal has added several new senior executives and principal advisors to facilitate growth and solidify the company’s reimagined purpose. Liminal has advised more than $8.0 billion in M&A deals, generated over $500 million in new product revenue, and supported 55 new product launches on behalf of its clients. The addition of the Liminal Answer Network will further strengthen Liminal’s position as strategic advisors to the next generation of integrated digital identity platforms and technologies. 


“From our experience, an expert call, by itself, does not move the needle,” said Liminal Principal Advisor and industry expert, Eric Woodward. “Liminal’s Answer Network is well positioned as the leading digital identity knowledge platform fueling excellence in industry collaboration, expert-led insights, and client delivery. The digital identity space has required this aptitude for engagement, and I can’t think of an organization that’s better suited to curate a unified expert platform.”

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