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Online transactions are anchored in identity data and infrastructure, working silently in the background to create frictionless, secure, and trusted user experiences.

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The eCommerce boom has fundamentally shifted the way organizations represent their brands to customers, from checkout to delivery. As companies build out their digital services, the challenges posed by siloed business structures become more pronounced. CX, marketing, cybersecurity, and other segments of the organization must work as one, with a clear framework around a customer’s identity.  Because identity is the foundation for every transaction, successful eCommerce businesses create a single view of the customer, develop a cohesive user identity across business teams, and create bespoke customer experiences. They also work to mitigate threats, fraud, risk and cybercrime from overwhelming the system across customer acquisition, transaction, and post-transaction processes. 

Our team of product innovators has extensive experience working with modern-day platforms that manage consumer data and data silos, curb threats like account takeover and synthetic identity fraud, and build a lasting legacy of trusted transactions.

At Liminal, we’re working with leading companies on next-gen technologies that are practical, safe, and trusted for real-world application.

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