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We are the leading advisory firm and consultancy serving private equity, venture capital, and institutional investors across the digital identity and data ecosystem.

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From current business models across financial services or healthcare, to innovating online-to-offline marketplaces or fintechs, reliance on digital identity is the common thread. Formulating a robust digital identity strategy is the key to survival as digital transformation reshapes the competitive landscape. Today’s digital identity companies will continue to grow, merge, and acquire one another — forming an integrated and interoperable infrastructure instead of single point-solutions. 

Private equity buyers, venture capitalists, and institutional investors must act with speed, proficiency, and confidence to make strategic investment decisions in the midst of a quickly evolving and competitive landscape. Our team of partner-level advisors have developed years of domain expertise and high-value relationships in the space. At Liminal, we work as an extension of  our clients’ teams, offering unparalleled perspectives on the language, cultural nuances, technical specifications, and local regulations that define this space. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients connect-the-dots, manage risk, and create value through new growth opportunities. 

We work alongside our clients across the investment lifecycle, from identifying the most well-positioned opportunities through due diligence and exit planning.

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Behavioral biometrics leader expands its tech suite across new verticals

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Harnessing the Value of Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

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