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Gain Digital Trust: How Financial Institutions are taking a leadership role in the Digital Economy
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We know that it’s in the sharing of discovery and insights that groundwork is laid, problems are solved, and entire sectors advance at the speed of light. Liminal is a boutique strategy advisory firm serving digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity clients, and the private equity / venture capital community.  We see the solutions to these complex digital challenges not as a ‘what’ but as a ‘how.’ We don’t just tell you about the destination, we show you how to get there.

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We custom tailor our proprietary Go-to-Market Methodology, whether starting from day zero or assisting through post-launch.


We cut through the noise and distill emerging insights into tangible intelligence and actionable business decisions.

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Liminal’s Transaction Services team is dedicated to helping sell and acquire businesses, raise capital, and evaluate the best strategic paths forward.

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state of identity podcast
COVID fundamentally evolved the way we transact digitally — from healthcare to banking to online betting through crypto trading account opening. How will banks evolve remote account opening? How will organizations ensure people are responsibly gambling online? In this week’s episode of State of Identity, host, Cameron D’Ambrosi is joined by Shaun Moore, the Chief Executive Officer of Trueface, a Pangiam company, and Patrick S. Flanagan, the Co-Founder and COO of Pangiam. They tackle these questions head-on, the broader context of digital identity and proofing solutions, Pangiam’s recent acquisition of Trueface, and how software has been the critical piece delivering hardware-agnostic solutions.

Cameron D'Ambrosi

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Meeting the Critical Challenges of Age Assurance

According to Unicef, a third of global internet users are now under 18, and designing services that are appropriate for this audience is increasingly a priority for not just companies delivering age-restricted content and services, but for all digital service providers offering content that may be accessed by children. However, there are significant challenges in proving to a reasonable degree whether someone is an adult or a child. How do you capture enough information to prove age, but just that? How can you ensure that age assurance still allows access to creative and educational content, but keeps harmful content and goods out of reach? And, how can the identity industry keep ahead of regulatory concerns?


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M&A Advisory and Transaction Readiness for AI-Powered Fraud Protection


Bio Shock - Is Biometric Avoidance More Than Digital Luddism?


Migrating to Personal Identity Ecosystems

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