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We know that it’s in the sharing of discovery and insights that groundwork is laid, problems are solved, and entire sectors advance at the speed of light. Liminal is a boutique strategy advisory firm serving digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity clients, and the private equity / venture capital community.  We see the solutions to these complex digital challenges not as a ‘what’ but as a ‘how.’ We don’t just tell you about the destination, we show you how to get there.

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We custom tailor our proprietary Go-to-Market Methodology, whether starting from day zero or assisting through post-launch.


We cut through the noise and distill emerging insights into tangible intelligence and actionable business decisions.

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Liminal’s Transaction Services team is dedicated to helping sell and acquire businesses, raise capital, and evaluate the best strategic paths forward.

Solving Unique Business Challenges & Accelerating Transformation

state of identity podcast

We’re still at the dawn of the applications of biometrics. What is the industry’s role in leading consumer education? Join host Cameron D’Ambrosi and David Ray, COO & General Counsel at Rank One Computing as they discuss how biometrics have evolved from government applications to B2C use cases. You’ll uncover how widespread mobile adoption has ushered biometrics across new industry verticals, unlocking the power of understanding who’s on the other side of that device.

Cameron D'Ambrosi - Managing Director at Liminal

Behind the Biometric


Latest case study
How can a behavioral biometrics company continue to invest in R&D and incorporate product enhancements to capture additional market share?
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February: Investing in Identity

Join Liminal’s CEO Travis Jarae, Managing Director Cameron D’Ambrosi, and PTB Ventures Partner David Fields as they go full speed ahead on the biggest deals in the industry, topics impacting decision making, and the hot question of what’s next.

February 23

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Case Study

Private Equity Due Diligence: Jumio Raises $150M to Fuel Automation


Companies to Watch in 2022

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