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We know that it’s in the sharing of discovery and insights that groundwork is laid, problems are solved, and entire sectors advance at the speed of light. We know that keeping information to ourselves delays progress for all.

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We are fluent in bringing certainty and direction to the liminal space of transition and growth. From market entry, fundraising, and strategic evaluations to early company ideation and expansion through exit, we guide our clients through every rite of passage. 

Since 2016, we have offered objective, high impact strategic advice, and analytical services, helping to support clients in crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and business lifecycle.

After years of closely watching the evolution of the data economy, we’ve noticed a pattern – quietly and invisibly connecting each sector and every business. The result: our proprietary methods and tools are shaping markets and building industries. 

We don’t just assess the landscape or provide guidance for immediate needs. We guide the world’s biggest investors, leaders, governments and organizations, answering questions with decisive action. We have the keys to rare and valuable insight – where the most in-depth repository of knowledge and market-makers converge to build the future.

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The Liminal Advantage

We’ve advised many of the world’s most innovative business leaders, investors, and government officials on building, buying, and investing in the next generation of integrated digital identity platforms and technologies. As a result, our clients trust us to set strategic direction in light of radically evolving ecosystem dynamics, pursue new growth strategies, capitalize on M&A opportunities, and optimize deal flow. 
As the pinnacle of strategy and advisory services across the digital ecosystem, the biggest names in tech and finance work with Liminal because we get the job done right, the first time. We leverage years of experience and domain expertise to translate competitive analysis, market sizing, and consumer data into actionable business outcomes and future growth opportunities.

We see the solutions to these complex digital challenges not as a ‘what’ but as a ‘how.’ We don’t just tell you about the destination, we show you how to get there. 

Industries we serve

We maintain a proprietary database of 3,000 companies across 30+ solution segments. And we see solutions to complex digital challenges not as a ‘what’ but as a ‘how.’ We don’t just tell you about the destination, we show you how to get there.

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How can a behavioral biometrics company continue to invest in R&D and incorporate product enhancements to capture additional market share?
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Case Study

M&A Advisory and Transaction Readiness for AI-Powered Fraud Protection

Chargeback Fraud


Safeguarding Businesses Against Payment Disputes as Friendly Fraud Rises

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