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Fraud & Risk

Fraud prevention is about more than just identifying and blocking bad actors. Modeling the behavior of good users sets successful risk management programs apart from the rest.

Once a subset of compliance, fraud prevention and risk management has rapidly emerged as a primary area of critical importance. We advise our clients to leverage the latest in device intelligence, behavioral analytics, and identity verification technologies to enhance platform integrity while simultaneously improving the experience for their most highly-valued customers.

Account Takeover ​

Account takeover fraud occurs when a human, bot, or botnet uses stolen or hacked credentials to access legitimate customer accounts. Beyond the loss of revenues, ATO fraud can also damage a brand’s reputation and permanently erode the trust of good customers. We help eCommerce platforms select technologies that can withstand aggressive fraud attempts while limiting friction where possible.

Chargeback Protection

Reducing friendly fraud-related chargebacks requires revamping communication between merchants, customers, and issuers. While organizations budget for chargebacks, the cost to the merchant from friendly fraud extends far beyond a simple payback of  purchase. We advise our clients how to create a clear view of a person’s identity throughout the customer lifecycle to help identify cases of intentional and unintentional friendly fraud. 


Friction is the mortal enemy of excellent user experience. Behavioral biometrics and analytics capture and analyze hundreds of passively-collected data signals from a user’s device and actions to identify account takeover and cybersecurity threats in near-real time. Liminal helps organizations identify how to thwart malicious actors by recommending the latest technology in instant authentication challenges that allow trusted users to remain unaffected.

Content Integrity

The proliferation of fake accounts and bot-enabled misinformation pollutes the content streams of trustworthy sources. The result:  poor user experiences, regulatory risks, and when weaponized, jeopardy of platform integrity. Liminal aids today’s leading platforms by assessing the best machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, and making recommendations for improvement to identity stacks that will help to remove bad actors from the content moderation funnel before they have a chance to be disruptive.

Today's technology is allowing our clients to improve fraud and risk management while also improving customer experience and retention.

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