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The vanguard of digital identity innovation and exploration

The Liminal Summit is an invitation-only, executive leadership event committed to digital identity innovation and exploration. The summit convenes an exclusive group of founders, executives, investors, and product innovators for unscripted, closed-door dialogue, unparalleled connections, and unprecedented insights that will scale the next wave of identity solutions

Travis Jarae
Liminal, Founder & CEO


Specialized tracks across all industry sectors

Our community includes an immensely influential cohort of individuals personally redefining the digital identity ecosystem. While our member list is private to attendees, you can expect to meet market makers from organizations like

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Pull back the curtain on emerging technologies defining the industry

At Liminal, our team of advisors is exceptionally connected to the most important companies, initiatives, and projects in our space. The Liminal Summit stretches well beyond the notion of passive idea sharing. It convenes the world’s smartest minds for closed door, actionable intelligence sharing, as well as the most intimate networking experiences.

Attendees can expect to take a critical look at evolving business strategies and use cases, kick the tires on what’s working (and what’s not), and pull back the curtain on emerging technologies defining the industry.



Take a peek at this year’s agenda

Our highly custom-curated agenda is never off-the-shelf. We work hand-in-hand with our attendees in the weeks and days leading up to the event to crowdsource and choose carefully the most pressing and timely topics that shape our programming agenda.


The State of Identity

Welcome to the 2023 Liminal Executive Summit. Our program has been curated through keynotes, panel discussions, and presentations that cover the latest trends emerging across the digital identity landscape. Join us as we explore new opportunities on the horizon shaping the future of digital identity.


Market Opportunities Across the Digital Identity Landscape

Explore Liminal’s 2023 Digital Identity Landscape, the industry’s most comprehensive framework offering insights into digital strategies, growth opportunities, and emerging use cases with product-market fit and M&A viability.


The Wallet Wars

Identity wallets are emerging as a promising solution to the challenges of managing digital identity in a decentralized and user-centric manner. Who will prevail in the battle for identity wallets and what features will inevitably gain the most user adoption? Discover which types are emerging as top contenders and the limitations that must be overcome.



The Convergence of Digital Identity and Open Banking

Discover how digital identity and open banking reshape financial services, enabling seamless and secure customer interactions. Explore trends, technologies, and use cases. Uncover challenges and opportunities resulting from this convergence and their impact on CX, financial inclusion, and driving innovation.



The Economics of
Verifiable Credentials

Learn how verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers can transform digital identity management and create new business models and revenue streams. Look at emerging trends, potential cost savings, revenue opportunities, and the challenges and opportunities of monetizing VC/DID solutions.



AI, Deepfakes, Age Assurance: The Future of Trust and Safety

In today’s digital world, trust and safety are paramount for online platforms. As more people turn to online platforms for everything from entertainment to travel to commerce, ensuring users feel secure is critical to building long-term trust and loyalty. Learn how leading platforms address the critical issues of trust and safety today.



Investing in Identity

Explore Liminal’s 2023 Digital Identity Landscape, the industry’s most comprehensive framework offering insights into digital strategies, growth opportunities, and emerging use cases with product-market fit and M&A viability.



What Does Reusable Identity Really Look Like?

Explore the market opportunity for reusable identity and ways to achieve it through interoperable networks, public-private partnerships, and fully-fledged ecosystems. Learn about demand drivers, key milestones, and Personal Identity Ecosystems’ relationship with privacy, commerce, reputation, and data management.



The Rise of Integrated Identity Platforms

Understand the challenges organizations face in providing secure and seamless digital experiences amidst the increasing diversity of digital identity management solutions. Discover the potential revenue opportunities and competitive advantages Integrated Identity Platforms provides.



A First Look at Link

In an era of rapid innovation and longer private company lifecycles, making critical decisions require curated data and analysis on private companies. Be the first to see the industry’s best-kept secret as we show you how to accelerate your strategic and investment decisions and achieve superior returns with actionable market intelligence.



The Liminal Summit is put on by our team of industry experts and analysts focused on identity, trust, and the data economy.

We are creating a no-fluff agenda, filled with only the things that matter most: the evolving personal identity ecosystem, M&A and the allocation of dry powder, technologies positioned for market growth, competitive intelligence across the digital identity landscape, the playing field for strategic partnerships, and the impact of evolving privacy regulations.

Strategically, designed to spark an industry evolution for attendees to engage in unscripted idea sharing, intimate conversations, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

After hours, attendees continue establishing new relationships over curated networking and activities, from libations in the world-famous wine region of Napa to highly immersive experiences overlooking its panoramic countryside.


Exclusive insights and services to help visionaries to see the future more clearly

Our members are the founders, executives, innovators, and investors leading digital transformation across the world. Our members-only platform offers exclusive insights and early access to research around market drivers, legislation, investment trends, and consumer insights across the entire data ecosystem.

From frontline market intelligence and competitive industry insights, to exclusive access to the Liminal network, our members have the tools to make predictions and decisions intelligently that will impact industry landscapes for years to come.



your invitation

Fostering open dialogue is critical to the summit’s success; attendance is limited to 125 C-Suite executives from leading solution providers and innovative brands, government and policy leaders around the world, and well-regarded investors focused on digital identity. We thoroughly vet all attendees to ensure they are actively invested in or strategically aligned with the digital identity ecosystem.