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With our extensive network of innovators and market-makers, we harness portable and ubiquitous digital identity solutions to help our clients build the future.

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Big tech, media, and telecommunications have built the digital world as we know it, designing the platforms and solutions that power our everyday lives. Yet, many of the identity and customer communication applications that companies rely on are holdovers from a time when in-person transactions were the norm. In the past, CX leaders wanted data for data sake. Today, CX leaders now need an understanding of what data is needed and be able to explain why. As consumer behavior shifts towards an online-first mindset, demand remains strong for ubiquitous, dynamic data to build trust, foster inclusion, and secure transactions. 

We understand that identity is at the core of every interaction between individuals, companies, and devices. As today’s TMT players transform transaction engines into memorable and trusted customer experiences, the identity layer underpins their effectiveness to serve their audiences at scale. With great power comes great responsibility. Effective collaboration requires a top-down approach that aligns the organization’s goals while reducing or eliminating silos from both a data and organizational front. Our team of industry experts work with leading organizations to solve the challenges faced by today’s most ubiquitous platforms including privacy by design, content moderation, mobile identity, device intelligence, regulatory compliance, and seamless user onboarding.

Our team is enabling businesses to unlock a new frontier of dynamic attributes and data sets that fuel the digital economy.

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