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CX is about more than slick design or simple convenience. Today, it’s about building sustainable and secure digital infrastructure.
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Revolutionizing Digital Interoperability and Security

The lack of a foundational digital identity layer is often referred to as the “original sin of the internet,” resulting in enterprise and industry-specific silos that have inhibited interoperability for decades. The technological and collaborative advances required to break the stalemate have finally arrived.

Workforce Identity

Account takeover fraud occurs when a human, bot, or botnet uses stolen or hacked credentials to access legitimate customer accounts. Beyond the loss of revenues, ATO fraud can also damage a brand’s reputation and permanently erode the trust of good customers. We help eCommerce platforms select technologies that can withstand aggressive fraud attempts while limiting friction where possible.

Customer Identity

Reducing friendly fraud-related chargebacks requires revamping communication between merchants, customers, and issuers. While organizations budget for chargebacks, the cost to the merchant from friendly fraud extends far beyond a simple payback of purchase. We advise our clients how to create a clear view of a person’s identity throughout the customer lifecycle to help identify cases of intentional and unintentional friendly fraud.

Consumer Identity

Who owns an individual’s digital identities? From social media profiles to online banking accounts, there are dozens of them. And demand for consumer identity applications like mobile wallets and touchless airport experiences have created an opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to directly solve consumer identity challenges. Liminal works with the product innovators ushering in the next wave of portable, decentralized, user-centric solutions to help answer critical questions around technical specifications, scalability, security, adoption, and trust.

Civil Identity

Identity often starts with the government — a birth certificate, national identity number, or passport. Within unique cultural, political, and economic contexts, more countries are piloting national identity systems, allowing citizens to access government benefits, education, banking, medical data, taxes, and e-voting at the push of a button. Liminal works with both the private and public sectors to advance new national and civic identity infrastructures, offering insights and contributing to improved products and services that are informed by these data sets.



Liminal’s team is staffed by industry experts with resumes built at some of the most well-known technology firms in the world. We work to create interoperable identity infrastructure equipped for the realities of the modern world.

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