Public-Private Trust Network Expands Consumer Reach



How do digital identity service providers continue to educate the world on identity challenges and accompanying technological solutions to promote customer adoption?

An international digital identity trust network has garnered national traction as a verification and authentication provider to consumers who are connecting to critical online financial and government services. Although the organization’s technology has been adopted through formal public-private partnerships, a lack of general education surrounding digital identity solutions continues to be a persistent barrier to customer adoption. Evolving concerns surrounding privacy and the security of sensitive personal information also impedes participation in identity ecosystems, both for consumers and service providers alike. As the trust network was planning to launch its product and program across a series of new industry verticals, the Executive Team required a more comprehensive understanding of market economics. Liminal was engaged in assessing the trust network’s privacy-preserving technologies, articulating the organization’s value proposition against its competitors, and demonstrating industry-specific use cases where verification technology can reduce costs and generate revenue.

The Action

To complement Liminal’s proprietary research, our team drafted four pieces of thought leadership for public distribution. Each whitepaper defined significant market challenges, use cases, and how decentralized identity models are positioned to service both consumers and supply-side identity ecosystem partners.

Using Liminal’s proprietary intelligence tools, including Liminal IQ, a database of over 13,000 companies engaged in the digital identity ecosystem, our team curated market intelligence on the current state of consumer adoption of identity solutions. One of the core challenges of emerging identity ecosystems is the “chicken or egg” dilemma. Both consumers and service providers are dependent on one other to scale their adoption and product distribution, respectively. Based on Liminal’s intelligence platform, we provided our client with an analysis of their current reach and growth trajectory, competitive benchmarking, and recommendations for the most compelling industries and consumer audience segments for scaling its services.

The Outcome

The Liminal team provided readouts to the Executive Team with detailed recommendations on future product deployment, features development, and market positioning throughout a four-month engagement. As a result, our client has positioned its services to attract new consumer audiences across gaming and healthcare. Our client also incorporated the whitepapers series into their content marketing strategy and generated additional brand awareness and industry eminence with their C-Suite leadership as guests on Liminal’s State of Identity podcast.  

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