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The way the world builds businesses and enables transactions is evolving. The advent of cloud computing and mobile-first mentalities have brought traditional marketplaces online, and as a result, Trust & Safety has become a vitally important area of focus. Trust & Safety are a contextually dependent set of business values and practices that increase participation in and engagement with digital systems. They reduce the risk of harm, fraud, or other criminal behavior toward an individual or organization’s self or reputation. Once a subset of compliance, Trust & Safety has rapidly emerged as an area of critical importance as online customer relationships become the norm across market sectors. 

Identity is the foundation for all digital transactions. It’s the ability to assure that someone on the other side of a transaction is who they claim to be, every time. At Liminal, we are working with the world’s leading P2P, sharing economy, and gig platforms to design strategies, processes, and mechanisms around effective data collection, usage, storage, and protection.

At Liminal, we’re working with leading companies on next-gen technologies that are practical, safe, and trusted for real-world application.

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