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We see the world a bit differently. We predicted that identity would be the driving force behind every business – no matter the vertical. And today, it is.

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We think of digital identity not as a what, but a how; it’s the hidden fabric enabling the seamless exchange of trusted information at the scale and speed required by global enterprises. When designed and implemented successfully, we believe digital identity is the linchpin to digital transformation. 

The maturation of the industry has created seismic opportunities, providing the potential for new lines of businesses and opening entirely new markets for the right strategies. It has forced enterprises, institutions, and governments to transform, prioritizing digital identity and placing it squarely in the sights of investors and end-users alike.

At Liminal, we work with companies at the edge of digital identity innovation across all stages of the business lifecycle, from idea conception and prototyping through strategic growth and exit planning.

Product innovation requires creative thinking, deep subject matter expertise, and the network to bring the vision to life.

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case study
How can a behavioral biometrics company continue to invest in R&D and incorporate product enhancements to capture additional market share?
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Private Equity Due Diligence Jumio $150M

Case Study

Private Equity Due Diligence: Jumio Raises $150M to Fuel Automation

Liminal digital identity and verifiable credentials


Harnessing the Value of Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

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