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Information is more readily available than ever before. We cut through the noise and distill emerging insights into tangible intelligence and actionable business decisions.
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Expert Analysis for Strategic Decision-Making

We decode the industry landscape by analyzing how companies, products, and global regulations influence market evolution and product roadmaps. Our expert team delivers the tools and insights needed to translate consumer behavior, emerging technologies, competitive trends, and product positioning.

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Market Segment Analysis

Our proprietary frameworks provide a detailed look at how digital identity applications are evolving. We use them to track multi-faceted intersections across solution segments and to inform the next-generation strategies we create for our clients. At Liminal, we are always assessing which global geographies pose the most attractive return on investment, so clients can decide whether to enter, exit, or reposition across target markets.

Build vs Buy Decisioning

At Liminal, we believe that solutions shouldn’t just meet operational objectives, they should also help build competitive advantage. We help clients tackle the build versus buy decision head-on with customized, goal-oriented and strategic solutions that set clients up for market share growth and long term success.

Peer Benchmarking and Product Intelligence

It’s critical for leadership teams to understand how organizations stack up against their peers. We’ve spent years studying how and when industry peers enter, exit, and launch new products. Our proprietary benchmarking tools include qualitative and quantitative models that allow us to provide our clients with the actionable insights needed to preempt the competition, respond to market threats, and tailor products and services to the customers who need them most.

Market Sizing

We help our clients answer two important questions: “where are we going?” and “how will we get there?” We give serious consideration to consumer behaviors, transactional volumes, and industry dynamics to forecast market growth. At Liminal, our approach is both bottom-up and top-down. We guide and inform our clients about market opportunities, and provide context of the opportunities as they work within and are impacted by larger market ecosystems.

What sets us apart is our unique proprietary market intelligence platform, which helps monitor thousands of companies building or leveraging digital identity.

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International Sharing Economy Platform Reduces AML False Positives

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